Meher Mathur was told by her father Tarun not to go out at night after the shocking Nirbhaya rape, that took place in Delhi in 2012. Meher said, “Instead of stopping me, make Delhi safer.”
That spurred Tarun Mathur and shook him that night, that there are many issues revolving around our societies as a vicious circle, which has no end. He understood that to end those vicious circles of pain, plight, scarcity and grief, we need to act as inhibitors.
He started the drive, Save Delhi, Brave Delhi, through which CCTVs were installed in different corners of the city, in collaboration with the Delhi Government. This drive saw the initiation of Hamari Pahchan, an NGO, registered in 2015.
Health & Aid
Child Rights
Old Age Care
Women Empowerment
Nuture Talents

Anjli Mathur President

Tarun Mathur Founder

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Motivating Cancer patients:

Happiness in Cancer patient.

Motivating and spreading happiness in the lives of Cancer patients

Awareness Camps

Awareness Camps

Creating awareness through our free awareness and health camps.
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Free Legal Aid Camps

Giving free legal aid to the people through our camps, ensuring no rights are violated

Celebrating special days

Celebrating special days like festivals with the people in slum areas to spread love and happiness.

Upcoming Events

Lets make life of underprivileged women a bit better during menstruation by providing them sanitary napkins, ‘SUKHAD PROJECT’ which is result of successful ‘SUKHAD INITIATIVE’  to help underprivileged women during their menstruation by distributing 50,000 sanitary kits.
"No act of kindness,no matter how small is ever wasted"
Fund Raised₹ 1,00,000.00
Number of Beneficiary women50,000
To combat against COVID 19 we have initiated distributing free ‘COVID-19 PREVENTION KIT’ to the people. This kit consists of 2 sanitizers, 4 masks, one soap, 25 Gloves and one thermometer.
Cost of providing the kit to one family is Rs. 939 and so on. Please come forward and help the one in need in this difficult time of a pandemic outbreak. Let’s fight against corona and help each other in prevention.
"No act of kindness,no matter how small is ever wasted"
Fund Raised₹ 15,000.00
Goal₹ 939000.00
Distribute Essentials1000

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