Hydro Dip Name Plates ( Personalized )

Hydro Dip Name Plates ( Personalized )

Get customised name plates for your home or work desk.
Prepared by women of slums across Delhi-NCR, the product will be handcrafted with love exclusively for you.

These women work extremely hard to produce high quality goods. All the revenue generated through the sale of this product will be donated to them


We’re providing your with umbrella which will be very helpful in maintaining social distancing.
we have 3 kind of umbrellas
No fold
2 fold
3 Fold
You’ll get variety in colours and design.
You can purchase the same as home decoration or prop.
All the revenue generated out of this initiative will be given back to the underprivileged people.
The post production process is being done by underprivileged.

This sale is entirely for social work and underprivileged people will be benefitted out of this”
Kindly Do not make any kind of return or replacement claims. As it won’t be entertained.
As an NGO we assure you that every item is checked before dispatch