Help is the most expensive gift, so be Rich by heart- Tarun Mathur


Hamari Pahchan is a non-governmental organization, striving and working to make Delhi safer and happier place to live. It provides a platform to the deserving people from the society, to create their own identity and carve out niche for themselves.

To live life is a reality, but to earn it is a dream. How often the happy moments of our lives suffice to convince ourselves about the value and meaningfulness of our existence?

 Many a times, we are often disrupted by the petty conditions and the deplorable existence of our fellow human beings. Mere realization or the expression of anguish is not enough. In order to identify ourselves, we often associate the appreciation and criticism of our loved ones and thereby rely on them for testimony.

HAMARI PAHCHAN intends to widen this exercise of identification. It is not just limited to a specific gender, age group or a particular methodology for conditioning the advancement of this society. Whether it is about women, children, older people, it tries to reach out to everybody and every section of society.

The organization has been up and running for the past 5 years. With collaboration and support of the Delhi police, School Teachers, Advocates, experienced Doctors and especially the school and college youth, the organization has come a long way with now over 5000 active members working relentlessly to support the cause.

Our Mission

We seek a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and all people live with dignity and security.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to help everyone in creating their own ‘Pahchan’ and live a life with dignity.

Our Values

We believe in urgent action, innovation, and the necessity of transformation—within the world and our own organization.


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About the President

Anjli Mathur is a 38 year old enthusiast with sheer love for the society, especially for the ones in need. She started her chain of kindness with the small act of buying medicines for a house servant’s mother. “It all started with the intention of doing it once and just continued, she said. Anjali believes in karma and in the philosophy of ‘what goes around comes back around’.  She also believes that the greatest joy in life is achieved by ‘Giving’. Anjli Mathur also runs a production house called Galaxies Production which provides platform to various talent

About the Founder

A visionary by heart and mind, Mr. Mathur has been serving the government of India in the aviation department since more than a decade. He is an International chess player who has represented India in several countries abroad.
He has dedicated his life and soul to serve the society and to the people who possess genuine talent and have a will to succeed in life. 

meet our team

Mr. C.K.P. Sinha

CKP SINHA is a respected EX commissioner of police in the bureau of civil aviation security and also a retired Intelligence Bureau member. 

Mr. Ramesh Kumar
(High Court advocate)

Ramesh Kumar is a renowned High Court advocate and is appreciated for his willingness to help the one in need.

Dr. Akansha

DR. AKANSHA SINGH is a well-known cosmetologist and owns Amyra Aesthetics. She believes in giving back to society by doing her bit.

Mr. Kunal Singh
Branch Head , Aligarh

He has been working with Hamari Pahchan NGO since the time our organisation became functional. Being inspired and motivated by the output of gratitude and appreciation for working towards a cause.

Neeraj Choudhary
Branch Head,RK Puram

Socially dedicated and committed to the ideals of working for a better society, he intends to create and provide platform to all individuals.

Mehar Mathur
Branch Head,Greater Noida

She is an inspiring young girl who has achieved so much at such a young age. Her inclination towards the betterment of society’s welfare is commendable. 

Mr. Viksit
Branch Head, Rajendra Nagar

He has been a young, active and devoted member of our organization. The quest for making an “Identity” requires a platform to acknowledge potential.

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