Memorial Giving

Let us help you create an appropriate and lasting tribute to the special people in your life.

Memorial Giving Program, which discerningly acknowledges the donor, the bereaved, and the honoree. Honor the living with a constructive tribute.

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Donate Food, Clothes/blanket and Toys to Needy Children

In addition to monetary donation, you can contribute in many different ways.

  • Donate food for the people outside the government hospitals, and hunger driven slum areas.
  • Donate blankets and clothes to the lakhs of homeless people experiencing the bitter cold and rough roads.
  • Donation of toys and educational kits(Pen, Notebook, pencil, books)  to the poor children, can bring joy and happiness in their lives.
  • Donation of dignity kits (Sanitary napkins, condom, contraceptive pills) for the women of the slum areas will bring a major change in their lives.