Good Touch Bad Touch

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A recent case from Govindpuri came to our organization, where a fourteen-year- old child was pregnant.

She was six months pregnant when her parents got to know and the case was subsequently reported to us. The man responsible for this was someone whom they knew from a long time and he lived in the neighborhood.

 Our NGO took the sole initiative of undertaking the counseling and medical procedures for the child. The case is under trial and the man is presently behind the bars.

Incidents like these force us to ponder over the issue of sensitizing the concept of “TOUCH” amidst children

We have therefore covered various schools and slums, explaining them about the types of touch and how we should respond to them.

It is very important for each and every child to understand the difference, between a GOOD touch and a BAD touch, irrespective of the child belonging to any class or gender.

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