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Hamari Pahchan NGO Will Help Anthony To Become Atma Nirbhar

M.A. Pass But Still A Beggar ( Emotional Story )​

Hamari Pahchan NGO went to Connaught Place, Delhi for a food distribution drive and we came across this person who is an M.A. pass but is living on the streets. We gave him clothes and food but unfortunately he couldn’t digest the food. He has a polythene attached to a pipe which is connected to his food pipe where all the food goes because his stomach cannot hold it.

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We request you to DONATE for a good cause. Your donations will help us help him. We look forward to help him by opening a small stall/shop so that he can become ATMA NIRBHAR (independent) and earn a living. Starting with one person we can help in establishing shops/stalls for others as well.

We need your SUPPORT for the same.


Contribution to Hamari Pahchan NGO have been notified for 50% Tax exemption from Taxable income Under Sec. 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961

Help Anthony To Live Again With Dignity

Dear Donors/supporters,

Anthony says, “I am in great difficulty, what happened to me was a tragedy. Even once I’m back working I need to take a lot of medical help like medications and injections because there is a septic infection in my stomach due to which I am not able to digest the food which also has effected my kidney and liver a little bit. I would also have to spend a lot of money on my medical conditioning on daily basis as told by the medical team before my operation”.

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Hamari Pahchan is a non-governmental trusted organization, striving and working to make Delhi safer and happier place to live. It provides a platform to the deserving people from the society, to create their own identity and carve out niche for themselves.