HAMARI PAHCHAN N.G.O has been functional for the past five years and has made its mark amidst the society. We believe that every individual deserves equal Rights and Opportunities to live as well as make their individual “Pahchan” (an identity).

Time has again raised the issue pertaining to women safety and empowerment at Delhi, especially in the current scenario. Hamari Pahchan has raised this issue at various platforms and insisted on preventive steps to be taken for the empowerment and safety of children and women in the form of SAVE DELHI, BRAVE DELHI drive, an initiative by Hamari Pahchan.

Recently a minor, 14-year-old girl has been a victim of sexual harassment in the Govindpuri area of South Delhi. She was repeatedly harassed by the accused due to which she got pregnant. Hamari Pahchan promptly reacted to the situation and on the complaint of her parents, a FIR was lodged against the accused. This case was reported soon both in writing and printed form so that unsafe practices against children and women can be prevented in future. Our organisation came forward to help the victim and her family financially including provisions for her medical condition and counselling treatments. The issue was taken to Maheish Girri, Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha East Delhi Parliamentary Constituency. He took instant notice to the matter and helped us in making it more effective by introducing it to Mr. Najeeb Jung (the then, lieutenant governor of Delhi) concerning the gravity of this matter.

The following initiatives and activities for the safety and empowerment of the children and women have been taken up along with the association of Mr. R.P. Upadhyaya, Joint Commissioner of Police, South-eastern range, New Delhi.


  1. Parivartan Scheme has been launched.
  2. Women Help Desk started at Police Station.
  3. Women Safety Committee meeting organised.
  4. Conducting meeting with all the NGOs in the area.
  5. Neighbourhood watch scheme has also been launched.
  6. Deployment of trained female staff inside the communities.
  7. Public awareness programmes such as awareness lectures, screening of short documentaries/movies on various issues concerning crime against women and children is being conducted.
  8. Door to door policing by female officers which focussed on interacting with women in every community in order to identify and address their grievances.
  9. Training and sensitizationof male personnel is also being conducted by fellow officers.


  1. Effective deployment of women police officers amidst communities to address grievances of children and women.
  2. Organising awareness activities to sensitise the community and obtain their feedbacks/suggestions.
  3. Forming Women safety communities to widely disseminate the Parivartan campaign which will provide a forum for Women to register their complaints, discussing community related issue and personal safety concern.
  4. Organising self-defence training programme to empower women and girls.
  5. Motivating women and girls to report cases of sexual assault.
  6. Sensitising male police personnel on crime against women and girls.

In order to make changes and instil people to work for them, it is necessary to understand, acknowledge and thereby act accordingly. Aforementioned initiatives and activities are a validation of the fact that an instant action and a will to create change leads to the success of not just an individual but infact a whole team, an organisation, in fact a whole society for the betterment of which we intend to work. Hamari Pahchan has succeeded in bringing this change and hopes to work endlessly along the same line. What we require is , this same support, action and appreciation from all fields and authorities.

  1. MaheishGirri’s letter (E-mail)  Download Pdf
  2. R.P. Upadhayay’s letter specifying new initiatives and schemes.  Download Pdf